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Construction Software Technologies

The BuildSoft Story

Twenty years ago, a small architecture and construction company started looking for specialized construction management software for home builders. All they found was software marketed to builders, but not actually designed for their needs. Available packages were simply accounting packages modified and called home builder software. They were complicated, hard to use and not suited to the needs of software for residential builders.

They decided to develop their own home builder software. In addition to accounting functions, it would focus on essential builder’s issues like estimating, purchase/work order control and scheduling. It would be easy to use, and their mandate was that even a builder with no computer experience in construction software technologies could run it.

The company hired skilled programmers to develop construction software for home builders. The programmers worked on-site in the construction office so they could see exactly what it took to run a successful job, and worked closely with the builders to create the most sensible software for construction program that would simplify the complexities of the homebuilding process. The software was tested by builders throughout the industry and all of their special requirements were incorporated into the system, resulting in robust, highly useful software for residential construction that perfectly suited to the needs of home builders.

Today, BuildSoft is one of the most widely used applications for software construction and for small home builders. Nearly two thousand builders across North America rely on BuildSoft software for construction to keep their projects running smoothly.

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