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Simply the Best Construction Cost Estimating Software
for Home Builders


"Before BuildSoft, our profitability was at about 9%. Using the software gave us real insight into where we needed to make changes. Now our profitability is up to 15%. The 6% it added to our bottom line has paid for the initial cost of BuildSoft many times over!"

Kittie Sallee
Sallee Custom Homes
Weatherford, TX

Construction Budgeting

Price your jobs with confidence using BuildSoft’s construction estimating software. By using previous job history, a builder can create accurate construction estimates, generate preliminary budgets, and gauge subcontractor and vendor bids with very little time and effort.

  • Make money on every job. Accurate construction estimating means better profitability.
  • Harness what you've learned from other jobs. BuildSoft’s home builder construction estimation software uses key information from other jobs to estimate profitable new ones.
  • Negotiate better with our construction estimator tool. Solid numbers and historical examples make for great leverage when negotiating with sub contractors and vendors.

Construction Take-Off

Extract specifications from drawings with a digitizer or modify pre-loaded data. Control direct purchasing and job costs of materials and labor, or use it as a gauge in selecting suppliers and subs. Generate accurate purchase orders and work orders from take-off, resulting in clear visibility into construction cost differences between house models.

  • Stay in control. With comprehensible information, you have the upper hand in the construction cost estimating process and in negotiations with vendors and subcontractors.
  • Save money. Purchase component materials more accurately by reducing on-site waste and cash tied up in excess materials.
  • See the big picture with BuildSoft’s construction estimating programs. Clear reports give you a much better sense of anticipated costs, to help achieve a solid bottom line.

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