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"BuildSoft home builder software is a tightly integrated system with all the core processes we need, all packaged in a manageable way. I really think that the person who designed BuildSoft is a genius."

Todd Wacome
Wynwood Associates
Andover, MA

Detailed Features Sheet

There is more to BuildSoft than meets the eye. Here is a complete list of all of the features available for each of BuildSoft's fully integrated functionalities.

 Click here to download a .pdf version of the Feature Sheet.

BuildSoft Functionality

I. Estimating


  • Maintains two budgets - preliminary (estimate) and committed (contracted)
  • Uses historical jobs data for future job estimates
  • Provides cost-per-home budget reporting
  • Compares preliminary or committed budget vs. actual job cost


  • Calculates quantity of materials required for a job
  • Calculates quantity of labor required for a job
  • Generates purchase orders and work orders based on take-off
  • Links material and labor prices to vendors and subcontractors
  • Utilizes master database of material items
  • Allows for use of assemblies in take-off
  • Provides material quantity reporting
  • Generates price comparison reports
  • Integrates with take-off packages and digitizers

II. Project Management


  • Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling
  • Gantt Chart scheduling (bar chart)
  • Utilizes master database of template workstages
  • Updates tasks calendar as schedule changes
  • Processes reports for global as well as user-specific schedules
  • Changes made in schedule automatically update calendar
  • Links job options to workstages


  • Provides daily reminders of tasks to get done
  • Manages the schedule directly from the calendar
  • Updates purchase order and work order information
  • Processes reports for the calendar for a specific user or globally

III. Accounting

General Ledger

  • Auto entries to the G/L when jobs are closed to move funds from W.I.P to COGS
  • Generates Accounting Integrity Report to verify that the system is in balance
  • Uses NAHB Chart of Accounts
  • Allows use of any other chart of accounts
  • Provides bank (check) reconciliation capabilities
  • Full G/L reporting from trial balance and transaction journals
  • Customizable balance sheets and income statements

Accounts Payable

  • Flags over-budget items during invoice entry
  • Automatically calculates insurance premium deductions
  • Provides "Authorize for Payment" capability
  • Provides lien waiver forms and reports
  • Generates insurance audit reports
  • Provides aged payables reporting with filter capabilities
  • Calculates and prints 1099 forms

Purchase Orders (PO) & Work Orders (WO)

  • Produces purchase orders for vendor materials
  • Produces work orders for subcontractor labor or turnkey bids
  • Generates bid letters
  • Notifies calendar module of send, call and follow-up dates for vendors and subs
  • Provides alerts at invoice entry, when PO and WOs disagree with invoice amount
  • Generates change orders for purchase orders and work orders
  • Generates change variance orders for purchase orders and work orders

Draw/Billing Schedule and Accounts Receivable

  • Creates customer invoices for time and materials jobs
  • Prepares draw request reports for banks and AIA documents
  • Generates recurring invoices for customers
  • Prints AIA Bills
  • Provides aging reports (sorted by customer or by job)
  • Provides customer invoice history reporting


  • Produces payroll checks
  • Provides timesheet entry capabilities
  • Calculates workers' compensation
  • Calculates quarterly report worksheets for 941, FUTA and SUTA
  • Provides hourly payroll reports (sorted by employee, job or account)
  • Computes and prints W2 forms

IV. Job Cost

Job Costing

  • Compares preliminary or committed budget to actual job cost
  • Reports show job cost based on the check register
  • Compares actual job costs from multiple jobs to a budget job
  • Report provides detailed transaction information for each account number
  • Identifies and tracks variances in special accounts

V. Other


  • Accounts and back-office processes auto-configured for different job types, including:
    • Speculative
    • Custom (revenue as received)
    • Custom (revenue at job sale)
    • Phase
    • Land development
    • Remodeling
    • Overhead
  • Provides detailed cash flow projection reporting - configurable
  • Proposal generator - utilizes previous jobs and template jobs database
  • Provides pre-populated data to get you up and running faster
  • Purge utility allows for safe archiving of previous years' history