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"BuildSoft has been an old friend. I enjoy the consistency of the reporting-year-end and financial reporting is done quickly and simply. We have used it for so long, I don't even have to think about it anymore."

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How BuildSoft Home Builder Software Works

How BuildSoft Home Builder Construction Software Works :: A look at how BuildSoft home builder software makes your job easier.

So how does BuildSoft home builder construction software actually work? Although you can use any part of the system as a standalone component, it is designed to be used as an integrated, calendar-based system. Here's a quick walk-through of how construction company software is used to manage your next building project:

Step 1: Create a Master Job for your project.

  • Enter your schedule, budget, task lists, material lists, work descriptions, contract language and subcontractor information (phone and fax numbers, addresses, tax identification numbers, insurance expiration dates). Be as specific as possible, and break down the building process into incremental steps in the order they are to be performed (this will be your schedule).

Step 2: Open BuildSoft's Construction Computer Software calendar and pick your starting date.

  • Tell the system your work habits (i.e. whether you want to work Saturdays for a given work stage), and it will determine what needs to be done when, based on your schedule and the building process you outlined in Step 1. The system will help you determine the materials and procedures you'll need to complete upcoming tasks. It will prompt you to line up subs, seek bids, supply information to your subcontractor, and purchase materials on time.

    BuildSoft construction software is set up to automatically send out multiple bid requests via fax and email, and to alert you to call the building inspector or remind subcontractors of start dates. Since the system is tied to a calendar, any changes you enter before or after the job begins will change the procedure for the entire job accordingly.

Step 3: As the job progresses, record work progress and deliveries.

  • BuildSoft construction software programs will recalculate the schedule based on your updates and show items on the critical path. If a non-critical path item falls too far behind schedule and becomes part of the critical path, BuildSoft will make note of it.

Step 4: Focus on your job, not on the project management scheduling or accounting report details.

  • You don't have to pay constant attention to every detail BuildSoft construction company software does it for you.

    For example, when your job supervisor signs off on a delivery, if the approved purchase order and invoice match (your system checks this as a background function), a check can be issued. If there's a discrepancy, the system calls your attention to it, and efficiency on your next job will improve. This is called managing by exception; your attention is called only to exceptions to your procedure.

Step 5: Use your first project as a template for your next job.

  • Since the procedure for building a house doesn't change much from job to job, once you've created a Master Job, most of the work for your next job is already in place. All you have to do is update items in your construction software program like budgets, materials lists and new tasks the hard work of organizing a job, structuring takeoff, establishing the procedure, writing contract language, and identifying your subs and workers is already done. It's a simple but effective approach to saving both time and money.

Step 6: Adapt BuildSoft software programs for construction to fit your needs.

  • Flexible features help you work more efficiently. For example, if you forgot to account for any aspect of a job (like extra labor required for custom door jambs), simply tell the system to remember that item for all future jobs. Next time you do a job estimate, the system will ask you about it, so you'll never submit an incomplete bid again.

    Every future job benefits from everything you have learned from previous jobs. The Master Job is constantly refined based on your updates. BuildSoft’s construction software programs gets smarter, and every new job you do becomes the best job you've ever done.

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