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"You are moving in the right direction. We now have this vehicle for voicing our needs. The improved communication is greatly appreciated".

Anne Lodes
The Meyer Company

"Version 3.56.23 arrived just after we had upgraded Microsoft Office. It allowed BuildSoft home builder software to remain compatible with the new MS Office environment in Windows XP. The timing of the upgrade worked really well for us."

Todd Wacome
Wynwood Associates
Andover, MA

Product updates

Version 3.56.23 (released March 2007)

Updates Include:
  • A critical resolution to the CTFMON error that stabilizes BuildSoft on Windows XP.
  • Two enhanced job cost reports that provide single-line summaries of committed or preliminary budget versus job cost status.
  • Two new sorts for the Accounts Payable-Authorize Invoices-Summary report.

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