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"Wow, it will be great being able to mark subs/vendors/svcs as inactive so we wonít have to scroll thru so many sources we no longer use. We have been using BuildSoft since 1997, so there are MANY we donít use."

Mary Lou Landstrom
Gittleman Construction
I have been a Buildsoft user for a very long time and am pleased with the progress that Constellation is making with improvements to the system. The vendor pricing update tool will save a lot of time. I also like the chart of accounts changes being updated to the budgets.

Mark Kinsey, President
The Kinsey Company, Inc.
Irmo, SC

Product updates

Version 3.58.02 (released October 2008)

Updates include:

  • Multi-User: Resolved the Sharing Violation When Running Reports - RTC 152
    • Now run reports without receiving a database sharing violation error. No more asking co-workers to exit what they are doing in BuildSoft.
  • Accounts Payable – Active vs. Inactive Feature for Suppliers
    • Added new feature to Inactivate Vendors/Subs/Services. Now Vendors/Subs/Services selection views can filter on Active, Inactive, or Both.
  • Payroll – W2 & 401K
    • Increased the Qualified Plan letter code fields to handle Roth IRAs.
  • AP/AR – Invoice Look-Up Screens
    • Added Check/Deposit Number, Date & Amount to the Edit Unpaid & View Paid screens.
  • Accounts Receivable – New Move & Edit Features for Billing Schedule items
    • Now easily adjust cost-plus items after they have hit the Billing Schedule.
  • AP - Remove Unpaid / AR - Billing Schedules:
    • The 'Remove Unpaid Invoices' Feature has been revised to not remove items from the Billing Schedule if their AIA state is set to 'Previous Application'.
  • Accounts Payable - Vendor Management
    • Price Import from Excel - Now Compatible with MS Office 2000 & 2002.
  • Job Cost Report - Detailed
    • The Detailed report now displays Vendor Name for 'Check Correction' transactions.
  • Budgeting - Edit/Estimate the Budget
    • Now Running Totals get updated on the screen when you delete a line item from the 'Edit/Estimate the Budget' screen.
  • Cursor Issue - Various Dialogs
    • Cursor Position Errors in the "AP Authorize Invoices - Select", "PO/WO Manual Entry", and "Banking - Record/Correct Deposit" are now resolved.
  • Enhanced Reports - G/L & Financial Reports
    • Detailed Account & Bucket Error Logs are now turned back on, for help configuring and troubleshooting Cross-Company Financial Reports. (C:\Temp\Reports.Log)
  • ODBC Database Connections
    • The BuildSoft Install/Upgrade Program now configures Company-Specific ODBC Data Sources Connectors for 10 companies (increased from 3), saving you additional setup work before being able to use the Vendor Price Tool for Companies 4 through 10.
  • HotFixes to Version 3.58
    • The error of 'Last Report' being generated after each posting to the General Ledger (when Force Audit Trail Printing is off) has been resolved.
    • The error of 'Bucket List' report not displaying, has been resolved.
    • The error of 'Overflow Check Stub' report not printing, has been resolved.
  • HotFix to Version 3.58.01:
    • The General Protection Fault Error when closing the 'Budget Report' under "Estimating > Budget/Historical Estimating >", has been resolved.

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