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"Thanks for continuing to improve the system & its reports."

Mary Lou Landstrom
Gittleman Construction
I have been a Buildsoft user for a very long time and am pleased with the progress that Constellation is making with improvements to the system. The vendor pricing update tool will save a lot of time. I also like the chart of accounts changes being updated to the budgets.

Mark Kinsey, President
The Kinsey Company, Inc.
Irmo, SC

Product updates

Version 3.59 (released June 2009)

Updates include:

  • Company Income & Expense Level Budgeting:
    • Now enter company-level budget amounts at the 'account code - period' level, and run Enhanced Income Statement reports for any period range against budget.
  • Two New Enhanced Reports:
    • Accounting:General Ledger | Income Statement - YTD/PTD Compare to Budget
    • Accounting:General Ledger | Company Budget - Income & Expense Accounts
  • Purchase Order & Work Order Emailing from BuildSoft:
    • Now select multiple PO's/WO's from a list, and email them out with one button click - use for sending all PO's/WO's for a Supplier or a Job, with considerable ease.
    • Now email PO's and WO's from the BuildSoft Calendar - customize the note before sending PO's - send PO's individually as your schedule dictates.
    • Now store Vendor, Sub & Service Email addresses in BuildSoft.
  • Material List Price Udpates:
    • Now select multiple/all material lists for a job, and update prices from updated vendor prices with a single button click.
    • Now retain a complete, automatic log in MS Excel, of all Job Material List Price update operations (for multiple as well as individual price updates) - who, what, when and how much.
    • The Price Update feature (for multiple as well as individual price updates) now checks to see if a Material List is linked to a Work Description that has a Work Order already generated, before allowing a price update operation.
  • PO/WO Lookup Screens Now Enhanced:
    • Delivery/Completion Information is now pushed up to the PO/WO Edit Selection List.
  • BuildSoft-Blackberry Integration > OnLocation Connect:
    • The export contact list feature has been updated to synchronize supplier contact information from BuildSoft's database's new email fields, for synchronization to your Blackberry.
  • Job Budgeting - 'Edit/Estimate the Budget' Screen:
    • Now never forget which job's budget you were working on. Job information is now displayed on the budget edit/entry screen.
  • Banking - Accounts Payable:
    • The system now allows for printing a net zero amount check for write-offs.
  • Payroll:
    • The system now allows for printing net zero pay checks for special deduction operations.
  • Accounts Receivable:
    • The 'Write Off Uncollectible' function, has been turned off in favor of a better alternative method for writing off expected payments.
  • Company Setup:
    • The Setup Checklist generation error has been resolved.
  • BuildSoft Setup:
    • Now BuildSoft's upgrade program backs up your Reports database automatically, making the upgrade procedure simpler, saving your custom report settings, and thus precious time.

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