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"Wow, it will be great being able to mark subs/vendors/svcs as inactive so we wonít have to scroll thru so many sources we no longer use. We have been using BuildSoft since 1997, so there are MANY we donít use."

Mary Lou Landstrom
Gittleman Construction
I have been a Buildsoft user for a very long time and am pleased with the progress that Constellation is making with improvements to the system. The vendor pricing update tool will save a lot of time. I also like the chart of accounts changes being updated to the budgets.

Mark Kinsey, President
The Kinsey Company, Inc.
Irmo, SC

Product updates

Version 5.0 (BuildSoft Pro released January 2010)

Updates include:

  • 32bit BuildSoft Pro users will feel right at home while enjoying an updated modern look and feel
  • An improved interface allows you to work even more efficiently
  • Easy integration with other software such as Excel and Outlook in order to streamline your business
  • You will enjoy more enhancements and updates due to the ease of programming on 32bit

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